About us

House of Seeds Ltd Uganda is a professional seed company that believes every producer in Uganda has the right to easy access to high quality vegetable seeds and planting materials for a fair price. The House of Seeds Ltd concept started in 2010 as a small innovative project of the Uganda based consultancy company Cycas International.

House of Seeds Ltd has established itself as an independent Vegetable seed company with a very strong upcoming brand name in Uganda. We deliver Seeds and Services for all, from smallholder to large scale producers.

In 2010, we started the first Vegetable seed trials in different regions of Uganda. Seeds should be able to perform excellent in different climate conditions of different regions hence they should be well tested. Establishing performance trials and demonstration plots has become a part of our daily business. These services include practical training of our producers and plant raisers. It is important to let them experience, that with good agricultural practices you can achieve much higher yields and this will make use of quality seeds more affordable.

In 2013, we had the first commercial Vegetable seed imports from the Netherlands. We are very proud to be the exclusive distributors for Enza Zaden, Monarch Seeds, Bejo seeds and Pop Vriend all Netherlands based seed companies.

To provide Vegetable producers in Uganda with High Quality Seeds and Services.

The company is currently working on the development of a smart distribution network to cover all districts in Uganda. This with the objective to give every vegetable grower in Uganda access to a wide range of reliable Vegetable seeds. Vegetable production generates a better income, increases nutritional food consumption and contributes to safe Vegetable production for national and international consumers.