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Open field red ripening large blocky pepper with very high quality fruits, with long shelf life and extended picking period.


  • Perfect for green harvest. Suitable for red harvest
  • Strong growing bushy plant for sun protection.
  • Can be grown on stakes making harvesting easier.
  • Early maturing -70 days green and 90 days red from transplanting date.
  • Yields 20 tons/acre under proper management
  • Low chemical usage leading to high returns.
  • Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, tomato spotted wilt virus, potato virus Y,
  • Tobacco etch virus and Xanthomonas
  • Resistance (HR): Xcv:1-3 PVY:0-1/TM:0, (IR): TSWV:0/TEV
  • Seed rate 60 grms per acre
  • Spacing 40-50 x 60-90 cm


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