1. 2014-2015
    HOUSE OF SEEDS LTD carried out Vegetable trials together with ZOA in Nwoya and west Nile districts of Nebbi, Koboko and Moyo, the trial Crops included Hybrid Onions of different Varieties and Tomatoes of different Varieties. These Varieties were tested together with other Varieties from different Breeder. Trials were supervised by Zoa and local district extension farmer’s officers and students who provided technical advice and collected data to help Zoa to evaluate the varieties and selections. Based on the results and demand of high quality Varieties in the region, House of seeds this year opened up shop in Arua so that farmers in the region have access to high quality seeds, avoid long distance travel to Kampala to access quality seeds.
  2. 2015-2016
    House of seeds ltd in partnership with SOLIDARIDAD carried out Vegetable trials and establishment of Youth Plant raising Nurseries in Central districts of Wakiso, Luwero and Mpigi. The nurseries are used as both training centres for Youth and also as commercial seedling production for farmers who doesn’t know how to raise seeds into seedlings. Training were provided by House of seeds on different aspects from Coco peat treatment, seed sowing, depth of sowing for various seed sizes, best practices on pesticides and fertilizers used at different growing stages, different days plants take in nursery before transplanting.
  3. Current
    House of seeds ltd in partnership with AKORION networking Company which does market linkage for farm products and soil mapping by use of mobile networking, planning to establishes trial centre in Eastern district of Kapchorwa. This centre will demonstrate high quality vegetable seed crops to farmers in the districts of Kapchorwa, Kween and Bulabuli. House of seeds will provide seed crops and Akorion will provide land and management of the trials, i.e. record, irrigation, spraying and evaluation of variety performance.

Other Projects with private companies.

    Since 2013 to date, House of seeds ltd provide to AGROMAX (U) LTD after sale services on terms of training on Commercial Vegetable seedling production and agronomic practices to Agromax U ltd clients, Agromax (U) ltd is commercial vegetable Nursery, Green house technology and Irrigation Company which has three branches in different region in Uganda (eastern region branch in Iganga, western region branch in Mbarara and main branch along Kampala Gayaza rd).
    Since 2013 to date, House of seeds ltd sale seeds to TOP VEGS LTD located in Entebbe, Top vegs is Commercial Vegetable production Company growing different crops and varieties, House of seeds ltd provide after sale services to support the company to archive its goals, this year Top vegs asked House of seeds to provide extra consultation services to boost on the product range and quality due to high demand of the products in the market.
    Since 2013 to date, House of seeds ltd supplies MAIRYE ESTATES LTD with high quality Herb seeds and provide after sales services by advising on the latest variety in the market. Mairye Estates ltd is commercial company which specializes in product and exporting of fresh Herbs to Europe, the company exports big volume of herbs to European market at average tonnage of 20 which make the company to become biggest exporter of fresh herbs from Uganda to Europe and House of seeds supply the company with all herb seeds.
    Xclussive Cutting is flower grower and exporter to Europe, they picked idea of Vegetable production begging of 2015 and they started growing vegetable since then and House of seeds ltd supply them with seeds and provide after sale services to the company.

Independent trials:

  1. January 2016
    House of seeds opened two trials locations in Kween district eastern with farmers who are specialized in tomato and Onions growing.
  2. January 2016
    Opened up trial garden for onions in Mbale together with onion farmer who is trained in onion production from Australia.
  3. Currently opening trial demonstration plots in west Nile districts of Zombo, Arua and Koboko.

In general House of seeds ltd provides quality seeds and services to small and commercial farmers depending on their request.